Rebooting from netlogon script

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Tue Jun 6 18:17:36 GMT 2000

I tried the shutdown.exe (Thank you Torsten for sending it to me) with Win 9x.  Of
course it didn't work and I'm still at square one.  If anyone has any ideas I would
greatly appreciate it.  There are a lot of tools out there that reboot via a pretty
little gui interface but it seems such a waste to me to do this and make the user
reboot their own machine.

Chris Tooley

Torsten.Werner at wrote:

> Hi,
> the NT resource kit contains a shutdown.exe. I've never tried it with 95, you
> should test it. When you put the program in the netlogon share is it accessable
> without path in logon scripts. In case yo don't have it, send me a request.
> Torsten
> Chris Tooley <ctooley at> on 02.06.2000 21:03:14
> Please respond to ctooley at
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> Subject:  Rebooting from netlogon script
> Is there a command I can run to get some Win 9x boxes to reboot from a
> netlogon script?
> Chris Tooley

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