Win2K Blue

Zhi-Wei Lu zwluxx at
Mon Jun 5 17:18:19 GMT 2000

I have recently upgraded (?) my NT workstation to Windows 2000 Professional.
I am running a samba 2.0.7 PDC on an IRIX 6.5.8m machine. When I try to
rejoin the samba domain, I am getting this error message on Win2k machine:
The following error occured attempting to join the domain "mydomain":
The procedure number is out of range.

Does anybody encounter this before? If yes, what is the remedy?  Thank you
for your help.

Zhi-Wei Lu 		
CIPIC (Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing)
UC Davis 	  	Phone:	(530)-752-0494
Davis, CA 95616		Fax:   	(530)-752-8894

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