Problems with NTWS login

Jose Reyes jreyes at
Mon Jun 5 00:23:01 GMT 2000

I am also experiencing this same issue.
You can login to the domain but it won't let you browse it or attach to any
of the shares, but if I restart the smbd daemon when I am logged in it will
let me browse it. Passwords match in Samba/NT.

Any ideas?,

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I found one strange situation. I will try to explain it.

My configuration:
NTWS 4.0 SP3
RH 5.2
kernel 2.2.9
Samba CVS from 28.5.2000 22:00

On NTWS and on Linux I have account cigor. Password is the same for NT and
for samba. Till tonight I did not have any problems loging in to samba,
but have problems browsing samba server. It prompt me for username ad
password. At first I thought that problem is in samba and samba only.

But then I changed password on samba to something else, and now I can not
login to samba server.

The strange thing is that if I use password that is valid on NTWS it let
me login, but I can not browse samba server.

About att:
log1.tar.gz is log(100) when in login dialog I type samba password.
log2.tar.gz is log(100) when in login dialog I type local(NTWS) password.

P.S. Luke because my configuration is not a production one I can play with
it, just tel me what to do.

Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.

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