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Fri Jun 2 20:13:05 GMT 2000

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I hope, I can help you a little bit. Excuse me for my bad english.

You can put a Default-User-Profile on the Samba-PDC-Server. 
; WinNT.conf:
; 000515
; Extra-Page to smb.conf
; global
	; "Startmenue" for Logon
	logon script = logon_winNT.bat
	; Home-Dir
	logon drive = H:
	; Path for Home-Dir
	logon home = \\%N\%U
; Domane 
	; Path for default-net-logon
	path = /home/logon
	writable = no
	public = no	
	locking = no
; end WinNT.conf

I hope, it helps you.

Bye Michael

> Got a problem with Samba PDC and User Profiles.
> I hope someone can shed some light on this for
> me.
> Environment:
>   Samba 2.0.7 running as a PDC for DFABJ750 domain.
>   A J750 NT-based Integrated Circuit tester as a client
>   in the DFABJ750 domain.
>   A couple of lab NT boxes as test clients in the DFABJ750
>   domain.
> History:
>   Samba was initially on a lab Sun box named msptest. We had
>   added a few users and got the basic domain logins working
>   and the smb.conf file set up on msptest. The J750 users
>   stuff was running fine. Since msptest was a lab box we 
>   needed to move it to a semi-permanent server box. All Samba 
>   functions were moved from msptest to another Sun box named 
>   willie.
>   After moving Samba/PDC functions to willie none of the
>   clients could get login information from willie. I eventually
>   discovered that I had to remove all the clients from the
>   DFABJ750 domain and re-add them to DFABJ750 before they could
>   "see" willie as their new PDC.
>   After this, existing "old" user profiles no longer worked, whether 
>   they were local or roaming. "Old" users can no longer run their
>   J750 test programs, while "new" users, added since willie was
>   enabled, can run the exact same programs just fine, AND their
>   user profiles work just fine. I suspect the two problems are
>   facets of the same problem, user profiles.
> Any ideas or suggestions?
> Regards,
> Randy Parker
> Dallas, Texas

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