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Randy Parker randyp at
Fri Jun 2 18:05:48 GMT 2000

Got a problem with Samba PDC and User Profiles.
I hope someone can shed some light on this for


  Samba 2.0.7 running as a PDC for DFABJ750 domain.

  A J750 NT-based Integrated Circuit tester as a client
  in the DFABJ750 domain.

  A couple of lab NT boxes as test clients in the DFABJ750


  Samba was initially on a lab Sun box named msptest. We had
  added a few users and got the basic domain logins working
  and the smb.conf file set up on msptest. The J750 users
  stuff was running fine. Since msptest was a lab box we 
  needed to move it to a semi-permanent server box. All Samba 
  functions were moved from msptest to another Sun box named 

  After moving Samba/PDC functions to willie none of the
  clients could get login information from willie. I eventually
  discovered that I had to remove all the clients from the
  DFABJ750 domain and re-add them to DFABJ750 before they could
  "see" willie as their new PDC.

  After this, existing "old" user profiles no longer worked, whether 
  they were local or roaming. "Old" users can no longer run their
  J750 test programs, while "new" users, added since willie was
  enabled, can run the exact same programs just fine, AND their
  user profiles work just fine. I suspect the two problems are
  facets of the same problem, user profiles.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Randy Parker
Dallas, Texas

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