NetApp Filer and Samba

Douglas K. Fischer dfischer at
Mon Jul 31 19:55:55 GMT 2000

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Well we don't have access to a NetApp to test against
> I'm afraid.
> Another question for people currently using NetApps - what
> (CIFS) feature made you decide to use a NetApp ? Is there
> anything missing in Samba that would make it suit you better ?
> (and yes I *know* about ACLs - we're working in it, ok :-).

Can't speak too much toward CIFS features. The main impetus behind our
NetApp purchase was NFS performance. NFS-mounting /var/mail is horrible,
unless sourced from a NetApp. When it comes to CIFS, we're solid Samba
disciples :-)

We are currently using an NT PDC, but might be looking to move to a Samba
PDC in the future. Interoperability between NetApps and Samba PDCs would
definitely be nice if we make that move.


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