NetApp Filer and Samba

Danny Braniss danny at
Mon Jul 31 18:55:13 GMT 2000

In message <3985AF63.E64200E5 at>you write:

}No I'm afraid NetApp need to fix their filer software
}for this. As I recall, the NetApp ignores one of the 'unicode
}present' bits and always assumes unicode in some transactions.
}I'm sure Paul from NetApp will correct me if I'm wrong
}on this.
}	Jeremy Allison,
}	Samba Team.

how many pizzas will it take for the samba team to come up with a workaround?

i know that no amount of pizzas will get netapp to fix it -i have tried now 
for several years-

PS: how many out there have netapp filers and would like it to work with 
samba's PDC?

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