CVS Version and an workgroup

Elrond elrond at
Mon Jul 31 17:24:10 GMT 2000

The problem is, that TNG currently only let's one access a
share, if you connect as DOMAIN\user or PDCNAME\user. You
can use this also in the username/pw-dialog-boxes, when
they pop up.

Luke introduced this behaviour some time ago.

I don't know, wether this is the "correct" NT-behaviour,
nor do I have the inclination to remove one of my
workstations here from their domain and put them in a
workgroup, for which I have user-access to the pdc.


On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 02:45:26AM -0500, Gerald Carter wrote:
> Magnus Hinzke wrote:
> > 
> > I want a workstation that is in the workgroup "HINZK" to access
> > the shares of the PDC "HINZKE".
> Magnus,
> >From an NT client in the workgroup HINZK, run some thing
> similar to this from a command prompt window...
>    net use x: \\<pdc of HINZKE>\share /user:HINKZE\<username>
> where you are actually specifying a domain account to use in
> the authentication step.
> Cheers,
> jerry
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