NetApp Filer and Samba

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jul 31 16:54:59 GMT 2000

John Taylor wrote:
> We just purchased two NetApp Filer 720's with cifs and nfs modules.  We do
> not have a true NT PDC server, but use a cvs version from 10/99 of samba on
> linux as our PDC.  This works very well for us, but not with the filer.
> We also tried samba-tng-alpha.2.5.3, with no luck either.
> The message in the log.smb (for tng 2.5.3) says this:
> log.smb:romeo ( couldn't find service
> (romeo is the name of the filer)
> Is there a version of samba that will work with the filer?

No I'm afraid NetApp need to fix their filer software
for this. As I recall, the NetApp ignores one of the 'unicode
present' bits and always assumes unicode in some transactions.

I'm sure Paul from NetApp will correct me if I'm wrong
on this.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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