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Dear Sir,

I came accross your message in the SAMBA newsgroup and it seemed to me that
you know a lot about browsing.  I currecntly run a WINS server in  a 2000+
machine nework, however, browsing in windows sucks!  it takes forever for
all hte machines to appear (15) and most of the time not all machines do
appear.  my question is actually composed of two parts

1) is there a way to get Network Neighborhood to show ALL computers on the
network which it gets from the WINS server, even after 1 hour, you sitll
only see a fraction of the computers (No, the WINS database is not

Is the network in a domain or in a workgroup ?
Is the workgroup/domain name in the workgroup entry of the network neighbour
hood (2nd Tab Page) ?
Is the WINS SERVER setting ip address in all the machines (TCP/IP protocol)
Are you using TCP/IP on its own (advised if possible) ? Other protocols tend
to slow it down.


2) Most imporantly!! - is there a way to QUERY the NT WINS server for ALL
of it registered computers... ???

Computer Manager on the WINS Server if it's set up right.

Thanks in advance,

leoman at

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