Samba Domains & Password authenication

Raoul Schroeder memphis_ms at
Thu Jul 27 16:54:26 GMT 2000


my understanding is that the best bet is to activate unix password
synchronising, which makes sure that if smbpasswd changes the password, the
underlying UNIX does, too.
If you then also use smbpasswd to change UNIX passwords, then the passwords
are synchronized.
Plain passwords are a possibility, but not a desirable one.

My question now is: With your system, does the local unix communicate any
password changes back to the NIS? If so, it should be fine. If not, probably


Chris Hines wrote:

> I would like to use samba as an NT domain controller for NT 4 & Windows 9X
> and posibly windows 2000. I have configured samba 2.0.7 and samba NTG as
> domain controllers and they seem to work.
> We wish our users to use a single password accross UNIX & windows which
> are copied from a central NIS map managed by the University. Some time in
> the future the university intends to start and active directory and
> provide us with a windows password server.
> Using the plain text registry update I was hopping to get samba to
> 1) validate machine passwords from the smbpassword file
> 2) validate user passwords from NIS or later from a password server
> Is this posible? Does the samba architure already do this or is there some
> documentation around which would point me to correct region of the code to
> do this?
> As for windows 2000, is samba TNG stable enought to use as a domain
> controller? It seem to work well enought with the two machines I tested
> with.
> Many thanks for your help.
> Chris

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