TNG server not showing up in Domain list

Marc Britten yugami at
Thu Jul 27 14:25:56 GMT 2000

ok, i have domain1 and domain2

domain1 is controlled by actual NT servers, it is the domain i am currently
logged into.

domain2 is controled by a samba-tng(from the SAMBA_TNG tag in cvs) server
configed as a pdc as per the faq at

I go into network neighborhood, and everything shows up peachy, domain2 is
there and i can browse it(the samba pdc is pointed to the wins server in
domain1) if i go to look at the pdc i have to login, but login works
fine(using encryped passwords).

I pull up server manager or user manager for domains and goto file/select
domain and domain2 does not show up.

attached is my smb.conf, its basicly the default slightly modified to exist
the way i want it to.

oh, and make sure to include me in the replies because i cannot get
subscribed to the list.


marc britten

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