Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Jul 27 07:09:10 GMT 2000

Paul J Collins wrote:
> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Britten <yugami at> writes:
>     Marc> just in case you read this, i can't get subscribed to the
>     Marc> list, and I REALLY NEED TOO.
> >From
>    Subscribing
>    To subscribe to one of the mailing lists send an email to
>    listproc at with no subject and a body of "subscribe
>    listname Your Full Name". You should receive a welcome message back
>    within a few minutes.
> Goodnight.

There may be a problem Paul.
I'm subscribed to samba-ntdom and yesterday I've sent a mail to listproc
to subscribe myself also to samba generic list but have not received any
reply nor confirmation messages!
Is there something wrong with listproc?
Can the maintainer control what happens?

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