SAMEDIT commands

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Thu Jul 27 01:45:17 GMT 2000

Matthew Geddes wrote:

I really do feel like a dickhead replying to my own posting, but anyway

> Yeah, Got that one, but I want to play around a bit with the TDB stuff.
> I think it might be samuserset2 with some options. I'm checking the
> source as we speak to see what I can find, but I'm no programmer, so it
> may take a while. I promise to update the manual for anything I find

The command to enable an account that has been disabled is:

	samuserset2 <acct_name> -c 1

and to disable an account:

	samuserset2 <acct_name> -s 1

I'll find out the rest and send a diff of the man pages....



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