Need for FAQ & Howtos about samba-TNG + SWAT problems

EFT.Eric Devolder edevolder at
Wed Jul 26 10:16:24 GMT 2000


I successfully managed to compile and binary install a samba-TNG. However, I
feel completely disappointed with the new environment ( many more things
than in samba 2.0.x ). 

I would like first to work with SWAT, but I'm always kicked off ! anyone an
idea (as there are no logs for swat...) ? My access is always rejected (do I
have to define an access in smbpasswd file ? )

In general, I have a *serious* lack of information. May someone please send
some URLs to HOWTOs, FAQ, etc... ? (also, the archive of samba are no more
accessible for the moment...)

Enjoy samba, 


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