CVS Version and an workgroup

Magnus Hinzke mhinzke at
Tue Jul 25 19:32:55 GMT 2000


      I already posted my problem to this this, but I think you don't
      have understood me. I got some workstation on NT running in a
      workgroup called "HINZKE" on my samba-2.0.7 so, now I want to
      switch over to a domain called "HINZKE",too. So I installed
      samba-tng-cvs from sunday and joined with one of my nt client
      the domain "HINZKE". The other nt clients still are in the
      the workgroup "HINZKE".
      If I join the domain all works fine, but the workstations that
      are still in the workgroup cannot access the pdc, they can join
      the domain, but I want them to be in a workgroup.

      I want a workstation that is in the workgroup "HINZK" to access
      the shares of the PDC "HINZKE".

      I hope someone have understood me and can give me a hint!

      Sorry, for posting to this topic three times, but I cannot find
      any help on web or so ... :-(

Magnus Hinzke

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