Need to run NT-based program from Solaris.

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Tue Jul 25 21:13:36 GMT 2000

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> Paul J Collins wrote:
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> > Is WABI still around/used/supported?
> No,  Sun has the Sun PCI card now for the Ultra 10's 
> (maybe 5's as well?)

The SunPCI should work in any PCI SPARC machine.  It's quite hard (from all
reports) to get it to talk to the machine that it's plugged into.  To be
more clear, if the SunPCI card is in your Ultra10, it's hard to make it talk
to said Ultra10, but not hard to make it talk to some other machine on the
network.  Sun has had SBUS cards that performed the same functions, but were
much slower (along the lines of 133MHz K5).  Assuming that you want to test
NT working with Samba (what's the proper capitalization for that?) on your
Ultra, you WILL need a machine performing routing that is external to your
computer.  The SunPCI cannot communicate directly with the machine that's
hosting it.  

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