[TNG] Status (and merging)

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Tue Jul 25 15:01:37 GMT 2000

Elrond wrote:
> TNG is a playground for Luke and others (including me).
> Some of us try to merge stuff from HEAD. Luke did a great
> job in this area... When the mods to HEAD aren't too
> complex, I'm trying to merge them into TNG too.

Yup.  A playground is a nice term. :-)

> (I've a whole lot of plans on internalchanges for TNG,
> including this one and others to make live with sidlc lots
> easier, most of these are nearly fully complete in my
> head... I simply need the time to code them up...)

Ah...there's the rub (i thought you were on vacation

> This locking-code is already in TNG, and people seem to use
> it, so it can't be too broken. ;)

Good.  I didn't realize that.

> And I fully respect all the work on HEAD/2.x, because I
> know, this work is done with attention to stability and
> stuff like that, because that is, what all the major users
> want (including me for non-pdc-stuff. I wouldn't tell
> people to use samba, if it weren't that stable)
> On the other side, I can work on TNG and don't need to
> worry, when it breaks for some time, because everyone, who
> uses it, knew before, that they're using alpha-code.

Exactly.  :-)

> I don't want TNG to die too early. My idea is, that TNG
> being something like "reference-material" for PDC-stuff and
> HEAD slowly taking over stuff from it. When HEAD has
> everythig from TNG, TNG might die.

I don't think TNG is going to die anytime soon.  There way too
much information in it.  I think the term reference 
implementation is probably a good fit.  TNG works and proves
that things can be done.  Whether it does them the best way 
possible is a debate for another day.  It's purpose is to 
prove that PDC support can be done and to learn from 
our mistakes.

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