was [TNG] Status (and merging)

Åke Holmlund holm at informatik.umu.se
Tue Jul 25 11:31:15 GMT 2000

Matthew Geddes wrote
> Åke Holmlund wrote:
> > This is what I HAVE to have running by the end of the week:
> > 
> > - W2k "domain clients" ("NT4-style" domain will do)
> > - Accounts in LDAP
> > - Some kind of printing
> > - Shares from the server
> > - Password changing from W2k and/or smbpasswd
> > 
> > I'm quit sure all the point above is very important but in my situation
> > I can't benifit from them since we will be running W2k :-(
> Where are you up to?
> I have successfully done all except the LDAP stuff with the TNG from a
> couple of days ago. LDAP compiles in, but I haven't played with it past
> that. Check out the SMB-LDAP howto. Someone else posted a link. I think
> you can get this done.

Right now I'm using TNG 2.5 on Sun/sparc Solaris 7. I tried a cvs checkout
yesterday but it didn't compile and I didn't have time to look into it:

Linking bin/smbd
ild: (undefined symbol) is_msdfs_volume -- referenced in the text segment of 
*** Error code 5
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `bin/smbd'

This is "working" (there are problems but I think I can live with them):

- W2k machines can join the domain and users can log in. Profiles work.
  Haven't tried policies yet (W2k an poicies, hmm....:-)

- Users and machines in LDAP (using Netscape Directory Server)
  I have been fiddling around a bit with the LDAP-code to get it to work
  closer to what I want it to do.
- Printing kind of works. However, I get a number (~2-4) "empty" print-
  jobs everty time i try to print something. I will write a small lp-
  wrapper and just remove those empty print files.
  There is also a problem with the %p variable. It's used for both the
  printer name in print commands and in connection with NIS maps. The
  NIS map code interferes with the print commands. I just commented out
  the NIS-code :-)
- Shares seem to work.

- Passwords are my biggest problem right now. Smbpasswd doesn't get the
  NT-password (hash) right and I really need a way for users to change their
  There is also a "minor" problem with populating the LDAP database with
  ~1000 users and passwords....... Yes, I have read encryption.txt but it
  doesn't seem to help. I will probably have to create a script that 
  populates the LDAP database from out NIS+ tables, creates and sets
  a random password and send a mail to every user telling them the
  password and how to change it (every potential W2k user is also a
  Unix user). Anyone done this before? :-)
There are a LOT of things I haven't tried (usermgr.exe, groups, administrator
accounts...) but for the time beeing I think I can live without them.
I'm looking for really basic functionality right now.

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