TNG & international characters

Sergey Podushkin psv at
Tue Jul 25 01:57:01 GMT 2000

> жёДПТ лХВБОЕГ wrote:
> Hello, All!
> I try to replace my working Samba 2.07 with Samba-TNG.2.5.3, using
> same config.
> Next, when I open any share on Samba server, I see only English
> characters, names of files and folders in Russian has not been
> displayed. Trying "valid chars" in smb.conf has no success.
> Help me please, so I want to try new features in TNG.
> Thanks.
> Teddy.


You have to use the same settings as in 2.0.7, like

character set = KOI8-R
client code page = 866

I have my TNG 2.5 (2.5.3 is known as broken) working just fine with
russian symbols.


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