arrgg.. tng makes me crazy.. impossible to just have one guest share ?

Ralf Huelsmann r_huelsmann at
Tue Jul 25 00:04:38 GMT 2000

hi !

having work with tng before (pdc with nt/w2k-clients/romaing profiles) i´m
setting up a new server.

for several reasons, i want to have just von guest = ok , wirteable share.
nor problem with the stabel release.

i usualy set
- encrypted pw = ok
- security = share
in the sahre
- guest ok = yes
- brwoseable = yes
- read only = no

now, with tng 2.5 there are two different problems
- if i use security = share , i see the sever. but if i click him, it says,
that the server services aren´t running

- if i use security = user , set up a machine account with useradd/smbpasswd
and also a user account, there commes a login-windows asking me for
username/pw... but he doesn´t accept the user/pass. in the log it says wrong

waht would you expect me to set up just this share for guests ?


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