Need to run NT-based program from Solaris.

Mohammad Ghaeini Mohammad.Ghaeini at
Mon Jul 24 21:50:31 GMT 2000

I have a situation where a large sized data file is downloaded/uploaded from
Solaris-x86 server. The data file is used by a vendor supplied program which
runs as a background process on an NT workstation. The vendor will not port
this utility to Solaris.

My problem is: How do I run the NT-based program with the Solaris-based
data file as input? I would like to avoid making a second copy of the data
file on
the NT workstation.

I'm told that the NT workstation is not capable of mapping a drive to the
Solaris server in such a way that multiple background processes are able to
access the drive.

Has anyone come across this situation before?

Thanks in advance,

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