[TNG] Status (and merging)

Aaron D. Brooks abrooks at css.tayloru.edu
Mon Jul 24 20:17:25 GMT 2000

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> >     >> Regarding the technical issues:
> >     >> are there plans to include samedit from tng as well?
> > 
> >     Gerald> Undecided.
> > 
> > I was under the impression that samedit's functionality 
> > is a strict subset of rpcclient's.  If this is true, 
> > isn't samedit unnecessary?
> Yes it is a subset.  I think the question will be whether 
> or not Luke gets his wish to do away with smbpasswd,
> which is an issue I am dodging altogether at the moment.  :-)
> I can say that in the interest of not breaking all 
> the currently installed servers when they are upgraded 
> to 2.2.0, the smbpasswd will most likely stay around a little
> while longer.

Hmmm.... Would it be possible to provide a shell or perl script wrapper
which can behave like smbpasswd on behalf of samedit? This seems like the
path of least resistance if it is possible. This leaves current users in
the position to decide when they get rid of smbpasswd.

Sorry, haven't played with samedit to know if this is possible -- haven't
had time.


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