[TNG] Status (and merging)

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Mon Jul 24 13:24:10 GMT 2000

Seth Vidal wrote:
> I think the concern that myself and others have is 
> that while, the code is available, a general roadmap is 
> not, so many of us don't know where samba is headed 
> and are a concerned in that regard.

Yeah, I think this has been a general and consistent
comment in the past.

> Regarding the technical issues:
> are there plans to include samedit from tng as well?


> is the imprints programs going to be the "consolidation 
> of printer driver mangement" portion?

Part of it yes, but Imprints (for those who don't know,
look at http://imprints.sourceforge.net) is going to be
considered external to Samba.

By consolidation, I mean the way by which Samba 
will support uploading and downloading of 
Windows 95/98/NT  printer drivers.  We got ourselves 
into a little bit of a hole with the Windows 95 
design.  The main problem is that the 'printer
driver location' parameter for supporting Win9x print
driver download is a service level parameter.  However,
when uploading drivers via the Windows NT Add Printer
Wizard (which is how we will support NT driver upload),
the GetPrinterDriverDirectory() RPC can only return
one directory per **architechture**.  See the problem 

So what we are working on is a means of migrating 
from the current Win9x support to a model that supports
the NT 4 APW (which I'm working on implementing 
in rpcclient).  The 'printer driver location'
will then become a depreciated parameter and 
hopefully be gone by 3.0 (and possibly sooner).

> Which LDAP version are you targeting (v2 or v3?)

OpenLDAP 2.0 is out in limited Beta right now.
Since it supports v3 and SASL, it would be nice to 
support advanced features of the newer LDAP RFC's.
This is really all in the design phase unfortunately
(LDAP in Samba that is).

I need to revisit the schema as well.  This means
that the existing experimental schema's in TNG
may or may not work out of the box with the released 
support (once it is completed).

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