[TNG] Status (?)

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Sun Jul 23 19:33:41 GMT 2000

Matthew Geddes wrote:
> From what I understand, TNG is being merged into HEAD,
> due to some file system patches that were applied after
> the split. Not being a programmer and not knowing the
> Samba code as well as most of you, wouldn\'t it be easier
> to merge the other way? CVS should be able to give you a
> complete set of diffs for everything that was changed,
> shouldn\'t it? This would mean that you\'d have a complete
> source list of everything that needs to be changed, that
> could be \'crossed off\' as you work through it. OK, so it
> wouldn\'t be a small list, but the changes in TNG
> wouldn\'t make a small list either. ;-)

HEAD offers more stable file serving code.  This is the main
staple of most Samba users.  While the PDC code is very 
important, far more people would cry fowl if we broke
Samba as a file server just to add PDC support.

Besides, all this, the architechtural differences between
TNG and HEAD make it almost impossible to merge the two
without simply a wholesale replacement.  And that won't 
happen since it would break countless already installed 
servers and configurations.

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