[TNG] Status (?)

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at mail.xavier.sa.edu.au
Sun Jul 23 09:15:24 GMT 2000

Quoting Elrond <elrond at samba.org>:

> I\'ve also tried to merge some things from HEAD, but
> would have meant more drastic modifications, so I
didn\'t do
> that. I\'ve tried to merge some oplock-stuff from HEAD,
> I don\'t know anything about that, so that might be

>From what I understand, TNG is being merged into HEAD,
due to some file system patches that were applied after
the split. Not being a programmer and not knowing the
Samba code as well as most of you, wouldn\'t it be easier
to merge the other way? CVS should be able to give you a
complete set of diffs for everything that was changed,
shouldn\'t it? This would mean that you\'d have a complete
source list of everything that needs to be changed, that
could be \'crossed off\' as you work through it. OK, so it
wouldn\'t be a small list, but the changes in TNG
wouldn\'t make a small list either. ;-)

Of course, it couls be entirely possible that I don\'t
know what I am talking about ;-).


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