Win2k, Samba, & Win'9x

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jul 21 09:43:27 GMT 2000

"Cole, Timothy D." wrote:
> We effectively do that with the "password server" 
> parameter, although plainly that won't do for "security 
> = domain" -- but Win9x/ME don't really do domain 
> membership anyway.
> Samba pretty much follows the NT model, though -- which 
> it should.  I don't think it's worth messing with emulating 
> Win9x in any particular way; that way lies madness.

Argghh!  You beat me to it Tim. Oh well...since I've already 
typed it up.

OK. I've basically been ignoring this thread.  Then I 
saw this message and decided to jump in.  If I have missed 
so much of it that I an misunderstanding the context, please
correct me.

Windows 9x does allow you to specify a different 
workgroup from the domain it validates against.
Windows NT does not.  

Windows 9x is the mistake that won't die :-)  It is 
basically still here for people to play games on.

So when given a choice of whether Samba should act like 
Windows NT or the brain dead Windows 9x, I would 
choose the former.

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