Win2k, Samba, & Win'9x

Ben Meyer Ben_Meyer at
Fri Jul 21 12:57:59 GMT 2000

> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> > Hmmm...  I don't know.  The Workgroup field would indicate 
> a workgroup
> > within which to offer services.  The NT Domain login would be for
> > requesting services.  I have no idea if that is useful.
> When I saw this I interpreted as this:
> Workgroup is the workgroup you operate in.
> Domain is to search the server for user autenthication if you want it.

So basically what it comes down to is that it is incorrectly implemented,
and so the server can only technically be part of the workgroup with the
same name as the Domain, correct? Since Microsoft Corp. has made the
distinction in their products, which provide the standards for what Samba is
suppose to be, should we not also make the distinction and thereby have a
field for the domain and a field for the workgroup, thus allowing the
administrator to choose which domain they want the system to log in to?

Ben M.

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