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Matthew Keller kellermg at
Fri Jul 21 12:27:46 GMT 2000

Adrian Head wrote:
> Quite some time ago I tried to get the internal page count out of a HP
> LaserJet 4MV with a DirectJet card.  I tried a few things at the time
> including SNMP but could not find the page count.  What did I miss at
> the time?? Where can I go to get more information - for memory HP web
> site and service support were not very helpful.

	Make a TCP connection to port 9100 and send the PJL command @PJL INFO
PAGECOUNT. A Perl snippet is below.

 my $sock=IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => "$ipaddress",
                                PeerPort => '9100',
                                Proto    => 'tcp',
                                Type     => SOCK_STREAM) || die "Sorry,
could no
t connect to $ipaddress, port 9100.\n!";

        my $eol="\x0A"; # Hardcode the return character for portability
        my $pagecount="\@PJL INFO PAGECOUNT$eol";
        my $stuff;

        $sock->recv($stuff, 1024);
        close $sock;


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