Win2k, Samba, & Win'9x

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Fri Jul 21 07:01:09 GMT 2000

Hmmm...  I don't know.  The Workgroup field would indicate a workgroup 
within which to offer services.  The NT Domain login would be for 
requesting services.  I have no idea if that is useful.

Chris -)-----

> [Chris Hertel <crh at>]
> > An NT Domain is a Workgroup with a Domain Controller.  Basically,
> > they are the same thing.
> That's what I thought.  Imagine my surprise when I first saw the
> Windows95 network setup.  In one place it has you fill in the workgroup
> name, and in another it has you fill in which domain you want to log
> into.  The two do not have to be the same.
> Is there any use for this (mis)feature?
> Peter

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