two strange sambaproblems

Peter Pilsl pilsl at
Wed Jul 19 22:28:49 GMT 2000

samba 2.06, samba as domain- and fileserver for nt4-clients

I'm using samba on several networks for about one year now and last
weeks I ran into two big problems on different networks which I
cant solve on my own ... 

1) In a network with 12 nt-clients one special user claims, that he
sometimes looses data in his worddocuments, even when the documents
are closed. He opens an old document, makes some changes, save and
close the document and then later, on a different document, word
crashes and when he restart word and opens the first document all
changes are gone.  First I didnt believe him but then I installed a
incremental backup on the server for his files and when he called me
again, that it happened again, I could confirm that the file on the
server was a old version (dated a few days before) but the incremental
backup catched the new version about one hour before !!!!  

I know it sounds weird but the file seems to be saved correctely and
then changed back to an old version later when word crashes, like it
was somewhere cached in between ....

If anyone could give me a hint about that ...

2) A different network of about the same size with NT-clients too.
When I change permissions of a share in smb.conf this permissions are
not recogniced by a connected client. It refuses to write a file even
when it has permissions to do so.  When connecting from the same
client to the same share, but using a alias-name of the server I can
write the file !

>net use \\server\share pass /user:john
>net use \\server_alias\share pass /user:john

>echo krop>\\server\share\test
permission denied
>echo krop>\\server_alias\share\test

only rebooting the client solve this issue. I deleted all connections
before net use a new one ...

any help appretiated


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