NT drives stay connected after logon!

eirvine eirvine at tpgi.com.au
Wed Jul 19 11:31:09 GMT 2000

Hi all.	

I've been running samba as a logon server for Win9x boxes
quite successfully for well over a year now. Logon scripts,
roaming profiles both seem to work dandy.
I'm experimenting with a NT4 client, to see if NT4 is better.
I think I'm getting somewhere with the roaming profiles, but
I'm getting intermittent errors with my logon scripts and its
NET USE commands to map drives. I suspect that
the problem is that the mapped drives STAY CONNECTED after
a user logs off. 
I've heard of this problem with Win9x workstations but never 
seen it. It seems to be rife with this NT4 (SP6) client,
Apart from educating my NT4 users to reboot instead of 
just logging off (or better still, converting the workstation
to FreeBSD or Linux :) ), any other ideas ?


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