Shameless gloating

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Tue Jul 18 18:56:34 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Geddes <mgeddes at> writes:

    Matthew> Hi all,
    Matthew> Just got samba TNG working on RedHat 6.2. I can log in
    Matthew> (Domain admin or otherwise) use User Damager for Domains
    Matthew> when root, change passwords using the NT dialog box as
    Matthew> the user and I can join a domain when root.

    Matthew> This was done with today's CVS, but I imagine it isn't
    Matthew> restricted just to that.

I just updated, built and installed; it works!  Haven't tried anything
major with it yet.  A big thank you to those who fixed it.

    Matthew> The only problem I can find (besides the few RPC calls
    Matthew> not finished yet) is that the domain alias map thing
    Matthew> doesn't appear to work. Has this changed lately? I am
    Matthew> following the instructions on Lars' FAQ.

What are domain aliases?  What are they good for?


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