moving from NT-Server to Samba

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Jul 18 02:10:54 GMT 2000

[Günter Bielenberg <Bielenberg at>]
> But now the only user who can find his environment is the
> administrator of the workstation, all other users get a new desktop,
> and I cannot log in as a domain-administrator. So I can't see a way
> to use my user-proiles again, which are still on the server.

I'm betting this is a consequence of profile permissions.  You see,
user profiles actually store account permissions (of who is allowed to
use the profile) *inside* the file, rather than just relying on the
file permissions.  Not only that, but they store this info using the
user SID, not the username, so when you switch to a different domain
(the Samba domain), you get different users.

I think you may be able to get on the old PDC (the one machine that
hasn't joined the new domain yet, right?) and access the profiles.  If
so, copy the profiles to the local machine, then use

  My Computer -> right-click -> Properties -> User Profiles

and specify that "everyone" can use the profile.  Then copy it back to
[profile] where it belongs.

Do the same in reverse from a computer that *has* joined the Samba
domain.  With any luck, you can grant permission only to the user who
is actually supposed to own the profile.

All this is untested, of course.  I don't even know if I'm on the right
track.  I keep my hands off roaming profiles; I make the NT admin here
handle that stuff while I mostly play with Unix....


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