development of TNGs samedit/rpcclient

Michael Collin Nielsen michael at
Mon Jul 17 21:36:36 GMT 2000


We have a network with about 3000 users with unix accounts on our Solaris
servers and NT accounts in our NT Domain controlled by a NT3.51 PDC.
Currently when we create new users we have a perl-script, that creates a
unix account for the user and at the same time creates a bat file with net
user, net group and wfprof commands that will create the user in the NT
domain. The script is quite easily executed by logging in using a unix
winframe client, but... while looking through the tools in TNG I noticed
that somebody had added some code to rpcclient that looks as if it was put
there in order make it possible to change all the entries in the SAM

Is someone currently implementing a facility that would make it possible
to change things like loginscript, profilepath and username in the SAM
database ?

Is there a tool/command like samedit that edits winframe information (like
wfprofilepath) ?


   Michael Collin Nielsen  mailto:michael at
   Sysadm in Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University

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