NT Authentication

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Sun Jul 16 23:13:10 GMT 2000

At 04:49 AM 15/07/2000 +1000, Ben Meyer wrote:
>Basically, I am writing a website  ... Since the people already have an
>account with NT, ....access the NT authentication systems and use their
>current account. The only thing I am using the NT Authentication for is to
>make sure their username and password are correct. I just need to be able to
>pass a user and password to NT and see if they are valid.
>Thus far, I have come across PAM_SMB, 

Then why not point the PAM_SMB stack straight at the NT PDC and BDC and not
use samba at all ? (Gee fancy me saying that !). 

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