TNG: local/domain membership problem

Matthew Flanagan samba-ntdom-interest at
Fri Jul 14 07:24:18 GMT 2000


I'm am running Samba TNG 2.5 GOOD on Linux 2.2.14 and I'm having a
problem with verifying that a domain user is a member of a local group.
Here is how it is set up:

PDC - PC running Linux 2.2.14 + Samba TNG 2.5 GOOD, PDC for domain
NT1 - PC running NT4 SP5, member of DOMAIN.

NT1\LOCALUSERS - A group local to host NT1 with only member
'DOMAIN\Domain Users'.

DOMAIN\USER1 is a member of 'DOMAIN\Domain Users'.

USER1 can login to NT1 with out any obvious problems, the user profile
is fetched and home dir is mounted.

Now when an application running on NT1 attempts to verify if USER1 is a
member of LOCALUSERS it fails.
If I then make USER1 and direct member of LOCALUSERS and rerun the
application it succeeds.

Has anyone come across this problem before in Samba or can anyone verify

Which logs should I be perusing to determine where the problem is



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