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Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Jul 13 14:21:33 GMT 2000

[Simo Sorce <simo.sorce at>]
> md devices and lvm are supported in 2.2.x kernel too. (At least by RH
> and Suse)

There's md and then there's md.  Before committing to it, make sure
your vendor supports the new-style md (i.e. Ingo's RAID 0.90) which
does NOT come by default with Linux 2.2.x.  RAID 0.90 is MUCH better.

It also pays off if you make sure that your vendor supports LVM version
0.8final as opposed to 0.8i.  The transition to 2.4.x will be easier.
(The difficulty is that the userspace tools are not compatible between
the two versions, so you can't dual-boot if you don't match versions.
Believe me, with the many kernel versions I've run, this has bitten me
more than once.)


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