samba and multiple servers

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Jul 13 14:05:45 GMT 2000

[Seth Vidal <skvidal at>]
> I've got many servers that act as project spaces for the
> experimentalist and theorist groups in physics. For the unix side
> accessing the data is over automounted nfs partitions. This works
> fine - however when accessing them from samba its VERY slow - mostly
> b/c its making 2 different network connections - smb to the win
> machine and then an additional connection over nfs to the automounted
> file server. So I've been setting up smb servers (via samba of
> course) on each of the project space machines that need windows
> access. This works very well and performance is great.

If each user only has need of a single share, treat it as a home dir.
You can specify home directories with User Manager for Domains.

If any project member could need access to arbitrarily many shares, I
guess you're stuck with the pile o' shortcuts as someone else


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