Problems with Win2K and Samba-TNG_2_5_good (I think)

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Jul 13 11:07:34 GMT 2000

At 06:31 PM 7/13/00 +1000, Mayers, Philip J wrote:
>I believe samba will reset the permissions on the smbpasswd file. IIRC, Luke
>stated you must be root.

You are absolutely correct. It does do that. I wonder how samba handles
domain admins then?

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>root and administrator are both members of the "Domain Admins" group, while
>they are also members of the "Domain Users" group, as are a few other
>I have used samedit to set the password for administrator correctly, and I
>have changed the group owner for private/smbpasswd to domainadmins which is
>mapped to from "Domain Admins", and have done a chmod 660 on
>privat/smbpasswd as well.

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