NT Authentication

Paul J Collins pjdc at eircom.net
Wed Jul 12 17:40:43 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Meyer <Ben_Meyer at pfm.org> writes:

    Ben> Is there a way to authenticate to an NT PDC/BDC for a user
    Ben> that does not have an account on the local linux/samba
    Ben> system? The user does not need to have any access rights to
    Ben> anything on the system, and the authentication is being used
    Ben> only to make sure they are a valid user on the network.

*ALL* of the Samba infrastructure requires that domain users have a
Unix account on the server.  You may, however, be able to use
rpcclient to connect to the PDC and use ntlogin to see if the user can
do so.  You could then use expect or similar to drive rpcclient, if
you need to encapsulate it in a script or something; you should not
pass passwords to programs on the command line as they may be visible
in a process listing.

    Ben> Thanks,
    Ben> Ben Meyer

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