Synchronising roaming profile with local profile

Wilson Yau wilson at
Wed Jul 12 13:55:14 GMT 2000

A 'profile' share has been created in my smb.conf file for enabling
roaming profile functions.  In the WINNT directory, the profile settings
of a user are stored into several sub-directories, e.g. wilson.001,
wilson.002 and so on, whereas in Samba only one directory per each
user.  I don't think it will work by simply copying everything from the
user profile directories in NT to the corresponding Samba user profile

I tried to log-in as administrator in the local domain and did some work
on profile with User Manager -> User Properties -> User Environmental
Profile,  but it didn't work (maybe the information I supplied was not
correct, e.g. path).  

So, could anyone please let me know the proper way of transferring the
local user profiles to their PDC's roaming profiles?

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