samba and multiple servers

James Nord teilo at
Wed Jul 12 10:06:26 GMT 2000

Seth Vidal wrote:
> > Although the clients need to be DFS aware Win 95 is not.
> out of curiosity - is win98
> I sorta assumed it wasn't but I thought I'd ask.

Oops, 95 is DFS aware.


> With the Dfs software, you can create a Dfs tree root on any server running Windows NT
> erver version 4.0. Each Dfs tree you create is accessible by users of computers running
> Windows NT Workstation version 4.0, Windows NT Server version 4.0, and Windows® 95.

The above page also gives a good overview of what DFS is for those that
want to know.

The author reserves the right to be wrong ;-)


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