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Paul J Collins pjdc at eircom.net
Wed Jul 12 00:24:34 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at samba.org> writes:

    >> I've been able to make the samba server join the NT PDC and issue
    >> administrator commands. I've even had samba show up on Server Mgr on the
    >> NT as a BDC. But when I try to promote the samba server to PDC, the NT

    Luke> you can't do that.

Okay, according to Lars' FAQ pages, a TNG BDC's smb.conf is
distinguished from a PDC's by these two parameters:

  password server = PDCNAME
  domain master = no

If I shut down a TNG BDC that I have just samsynced with an NT PDC,
take the NT PDC down, and alter the BDC's smb.conf to remove the first
line and change the second to "yes", will it then work as a PDC when
it is brought back up?

If not, what *would* need to be done?


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