linux vs. RAID vs. S/N ratio

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Tue Jul 11 19:16:13 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Westkamper <mjwestkamper at> writes:

    Mike> I for one am trying to pick a good way to have SAMBA serve
    Mike> up the 10 18gb drives as if it were one drive. Unless I am
    Mike> mistaken the consensus seems to be to use the RAID that
    Mike> comes with the distribution. I am working on that right
    Mike> now. If I am off course please yell!

Ignoring for now issues of what RAID implementation you using
(hardware, software, wetware) and where your OS is kept, I would be
inclined to make one RAID 5 volume out of the 10 disks, create
directories in the root of this drive for the shares, and share 'em
out.  Then I could forget about which shares hold how much, until the
disk fills up.  That said, my experience of RAID is confined to
smallish installations; three to six disks, which we normally set up
as RAID 5.

The other option is to give EMC a call and buy a Symmetrix.


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