Intermittent login trouble

Michael Glauche mg at
Tue Jul 11 19:03:46 GMT 2000

Am Die, 11 Jul 2000 18:57:26 schrieb "Brown, Matthew":
> I have a stable Samba install that is very happily plugging along.  However,
> from time to time it will lock a user or a set of users out for no reason I
> can find.  For example, UserA cannot log into Machine1, but UserB and UserC
> can.  And on other occasions it will be similar except that UserA can log
> into Machine1 but not Machine2, while UserB can log into Machine2 but not
> Machine1.
> I am running 2.0.7 as a PDC authenticating only win95 and win98 users.

this looks awfully like browsing issues. Do you use wins ? if not, you should
do "wins support=yes" in your smb.conf, and point the win* config to the
samba IP.


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