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Tue Jul 11 16:47:01 GMT 2000

Mike Westkamper wrote:
> I have have 10 18GB SCSI drives on an intel box serving our network.
> This the same one I mentioned before should anyone remember. It is
> running SAMBA as a member of an NT domain. Working well, save a couple
> of odd things now and then.
> With 10 18GB drives I find there is quite a bit of management and moving
> of files and shares as one drive gets used and we must slop over to
> another. Is there some neat way I can treat the 10 drives as one and
> have SAMBA or Linux worry about where the data gets placed?
> Mike

Make the disks part of a Raid Array.
You may do this through the md module.
Just now striping (major speed) and mirrorig (fail safe) are supported.
With Raid 5 (not yet supported) scheme you (at a cost of a disk) have
redoundancy so that if a disk fail you still have all the data.
see Documentation/md.txt in your kernel tree.
and Software-RAID.HOWTO

here is an example of my /etc/raidtab file:
-------------------->8-cut here-8<-------------------------
raiddev             /dev/md0
raid-level                  1
nr-raid-disks               2
chunk-size                  64k
persistent-superblock       1
#nr-spare-disks     0
    device          /dev/sdb1
    raid-disk     0
    device          /dev/sdc1
    raid-disk     1
-------------------->8-cut here-8<-------------------------
As you see my two scsi disk partitions (sdb1,sdc1) are join in a
mirrored (raid-level 1) way so if one disk fails the other still have
all the data.

See also 
man mkraid
man raidtab
man raidstart
if you have raidtools .

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