samba and multiple servers

James Nord nord at
Tue Jul 11 11:26:01 GMT 2000

Microsft DFS.

You can do this in Windows NT + 2k.

And in samba as the share enter .../computer/share

I'm not sure about the compile option 
./compile --with-msdfs
(or with--dfs - no one did answer my previous question on this)

Although the clients need to be DFS aware Win 95 is not.


Seth Vidal wrote:
> Hi,
>  I've got many servers that act as project spaces for the experimentalist
> and theorist groups in physics. For the unix side accessing the data is
> over automounted nfs partitions. This works fine - however when accessing
> them from samba its VERY slow - mostly b/c its making 2 different network
> connections - smb to the win machine and then an additional connection
> over nfs to the automounted file server. So I've been setting up smb
> servers (via samba of course) on each of the project space machines that
> need windows access. This works very well and performance is great.
> however I'd like it if the users didn't have to chase down the machine in
> the network neighborhood (which is becoming very large).
> so I was hopping there is someway in samba to have a fileshare point to
> another fileshare:
> ie:
>   They go to \\sambaserver\projectspace1 and that redirects them to
> \\projectspace1\filespace or whatever.
> This would seem like a good feature if its possible - it would be similar
> to a web redirect.
> Is this already available and I am just ignorant of it or is there another
> way I'm missing?
> thanks
> -sv

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