samba and multiple servers

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Jul 10 22:38:07 GMT 2000

 I've got many servers that act as project spaces for the experimentalist
and theorist groups in physics. For the unix side accessing the data is
over automounted nfs partitions. This works fine - however when accessing
them from samba its VERY slow - mostly b/c its making 2 different network
connections - smb to the win machine and then an additional connection
over nfs to the automounted file server. So I've been setting up smb
servers (via samba of course) on each of the project space machines that
need windows access. This works very well and performance is great.

however I'd like it if the users didn't have to chase down the machine in
the network neighborhood (which is becoming very large).

so I was hopping there is someway in samba to have a fileshare point to
another fileshare:
  They go to \\sambaserver\projectspace1 and that redirects them to
\\projectspace1\filespace or whatever.

This would seem like a good feature if its possible - it would be similar
to a web redirect.

Is this already available and I am just ignorant of it or is there another
way I'm missing?


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