Ben Meyer Ben_Meyer at
Mon Jul 10 13:07:27 GMT 2000

So if I am understanding things correctly, I need to go and grab the CVS
version of Samba. (1) Where do I find the CVS versions? I normally try to
stay away from developement versions but I guess I have to make an exception
in this case. (2) What version should I grab? Would Samba-TNG-2.5-Good (I
think that's what I've heard about on the list) be suffiecient? (3) Thanks
for the help.

And just to note, I would have to agree that having to update to Samba TNG
just to use the pam_ntdom package and leaving the last version in such a
condition that it cannot be compiled is not a very nice thing to do. All I
needed it for was web authentication, and I have been happy with 2.0.6, so
it's a bit of an upgrade for me. Not to mention that it forces those of us
that want to stay away from Development version software into such arenas.
(I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not good either.)


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